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The Show / Other Places To Get New Songs

Posted by gNosh On October - 20 - 2009

We have noticed that has been acting up a little so to avoid anyone having frustration we have posted in a few places that you can listen and download the songs from:

1. MyJonesMusic
We would appreciate if you set up an account there and vote for us!!! Please. Think of it as something you can do for us in trade for the free tunes.

2. Sutros
You can also “applaud” for us there. We would again appreciate any that we can get!

3. GrooveShark
This is primarily a streaming site but it works well and has lot of music on it.


The bands are getting excited and hope that a bunch of people are there to cheer them on.

First on the bill is FROM EARTH TO ASH (soon to be renamed). These guys have 2 new songs for you to listen to and will put on a great show! –

Second up is a great band from our area called Never The Same. They are debuting a new CD and a new bassist. Their live show never disappoints so be there to see it.

And we are third. We will have some copies of our first CD there and some awesome new shirts for sale. But mostly we just want to see some people out having fun!

Thanks, gNoshies!