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Is It Really True? gNosh Is Back?

Posted by gNosh On October - 5 - 2009

Yes, it is true. Whether you like it or not, gNosh is back and they plan on coming back hard!

Where have we been?
Yes, we know it has been quite awhile since good ol’ gNosh has been out and out playing shows and releasing tunes. We’ve been getting a lot of questions like “What gNosh up to these days?”, or “Are you guys still playing”. Well, we really haven’t stopped playing…we just have chosen to hole ourselves up in “the loft” and get some ideas recorded. The time has come to finally open the door and let us out.

Let’s give a little update. Back about a year or so ago, Andrew, Randy and Corey got together and started jamming and working out some new song ideas. At the time we weren’t sure if we would even get out playing but we had a lot of fun writing, recording, drinking tea, laughing at silly youtube videos and hanging out every Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Over that time, we took five of those songs and started recording. Over the course of a few months we had these five songs all recorded and decided to walk away from them for a bit and write a couple more. At the time, we really did not know exactly how we would be releasing these tunes…but as you will read later in this post, we figured it out.

After writing two more we started getting the itch to play out and do shows again. Sure, people apparently can hear us for miles while we are practicing but we need the crowd to be right in front of us, not across a river. So, we asked Peter Lockhart (from bands Moment Of Inertia and Holophonic Porno) to jump aboard to play bass and off we went tightening down our set of both the new gNosh and a few old favorites.

gNosh Going Forward

Here’s the thing. While we were working out the new songs and getting the recording gear set up again, we came across literally a ton of material that was recorded, half recorded, half written songs that never got finished for some reason, etc. Some stuff dating back as far as the old Monday Conspiracy days (Andrew, Randy and Corey’s band previous to gNosh). We expect to be dusting off some of these songs and giving them the life they deserve. And, of course, we will always be writing new ones as well. All that we ask in return is to share them, spread the word, and come out to the shows!


gNosh is:
Andrew Bull – vocals/guitars
Corey Palmer – guitars
Peter Lockhart – bass
Randy Ross – drums

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